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Inside Street Outlaw's Star, Jerry “Monza” Johnston's 1972 Camaro

From his trademark Chevy Monza to his new second-gen Camaro, and from nitrous oxide to twin turbos, Jerry Johnston isn't afraid to shake things up in search of an edge on the competition. We caught up with the reality TV personality and here's..


Racer Spotlight: Scotty Guadagno

Would-be racers often dream of making a vocation from their hobby; for Scotty Guadagno, the track and the shop have been the only life he's ever known. Starting as a teenager, he's made racing his profession and his pastime, finding that success..


Making Massive, Diesel Power With Fleece Performance Engineering

Fleece Performance Engineering has become synonymous with serious high performance diesel builds. The Brownsburg, Indiana shop is the brainchild of brothers Chase and Brayden Fleece, who took their passion for making big diesel power and created..


Diamond's 1,600hp-Ready Nissan GT-R Pistons Are Bad to the Bone!

The Nissan GTR is legendary in the world of Japanese Performance cars. The latest iteration is the most potent incarnation yet and Diamond Pistons' new GT-R slugs are ready for a massive 1600hp. Here's how:


Bruder Brothers Breaking Hearts and Taking Names in X275

For the better part of a decade the Bruder Brothers have been a dominant force in X275 racing, securing a sizable number wins over the years and setting world records along the way.


Racer Spotlight: Wheel-Standing NMCA & NMRA Champion,  Brandon Alsept

 Brandan Alsept is an NMRA and NMCA champion and has developed a reputation for wheel-standing launches and win lights. We go behind the scenes with him to talk drag racing and his recipe for success. 


Three's Company: Understanding Rod Length, Piston Compression Height, and Crankshaft Stroke

The inside of an engine is a fickle ecosystem where every component directly affects another. Rod length, crankshaft stroke, and piston compression height are three variables that are key to choosing the perfect rotating assembly. Here's a deep..


Introducing Diamond's 1,000+ HP Rebel Series Honda Pistons

Diamond's Rebel Series Honda pistons, available for K and B engines, are the first shelf-stock 4-cylinder pistons ready for over 1,000 horsepower! 


What Is Piston Hard Anodizing?

In high-end racing applications, the perfect piston is often one that can take the abuse. Hard anodizing is one way to take a forged piston to the next level in terms of ultimate strength and durability. 


Answered: Are Billet Or Forged Pistons Stronger?

Forged pistons are fashioned from pre-shaped forging blanks. Billet pistons are fully-machined from solid stock. Which is better? 

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