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Video: Calvo Motorsports 200mph, Record-Holding Viper

Calvo Motorsports' twin-turbo Viper is a 200mph monster! 


Lizzy Musi Joins Team Diamond For 2018 Racing Season

Pro Mod driver, Lizzy Musi, has teamed up with Diamond Pistons for what is sure to be an exciting 2018 racing season. 


Inside Ramey Racing's 1,400HP B18c, 2-Liter, Record-Setting Honda

Ramey Racing is a force in the import drag racing world. His B18-based Honda engines are making over 1,400hp and recently he made a 7-second, world-record pass. 

Diamond Introduces New Pistons For GM L83 and Nissan VQ Engines at PRI

New for the 2017 PRI show, Diamond will be offering both GM Gen V L83 and Nissan VQ-series forged pistons.  


Visit Diamond Pistons At The 2017 PRI Show Booth 1825

The last checker of the racing season has been thrown and the racing world is converging on the Performance Racing Industry Show.


Inside Diamond Pistons New, Mercury Marine Replacement Pistons

 The Mercury Marine Piston line from Diamond Pistons takes the guesswork out of servicing or building up your Mercury Marine engine and is available for a plethora of engine platforms. 


Czar Racing’s Burly Engine Masters SBC Build Rattles The Dyno

When it comes to domestic competition engines, it's hard to best the venerable Chevy Small-block in terms of practicality, affordability, and capability. 



Diamond Introduces 2,000HP-Capable LS Race Series Pistons. The Most Powerful Shelf-Stock Pistons Ever!

Diamond's LS Race Series Pistons are the strongest shelf-stock pistons on the market, supporting a massive 2,000 horsepower. 


Inside Jon Kaase’s Wild, Vintage-Class-Winning Engine Masters Creation

HOT ROD Engine Masters is all about innovation. Jon Kaase's vintage-class-winning MEL engine is that and more. 


Inside Team Speed Demon's 400mph LS Engine

Team Speed Demon owns the title of fastest piston-powered, wheel-driven car on the planet. Their salt-flat streamliner makes upwards of 2,000 horsepower and goes over 400mph. 

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