Introducing MGP PRO 2500 Series Aluminum Connecting Rods for LS Engines

May 30, 2019 / by Evan Perkins

MGP aluminum LS connecting rods are ready to handle massive boost, huge power, and tons of RPM. 

008-MGP-LS-Connecting-Rod copy

With LS-based horsepower at an all-time high, MGP's line of PRO 2500 series 6.125in aluminum rods for LS applications (PN MGP-LS-6125) is ready to take the abuse. Machined from a proprietary billet aluminum material, MGP LS rods feature massive strength, durability, and precision in a lightweight package. Unique features such as full radial serrations ensure zero cap movement in the most demanding environments and a proprietary MGP “Hard Bore” small-end process reduces wear and bore deformation.


  • Proprietary aluminum alloy
  • 7/16 ARP L19 custom-made for MGP
  • .927in wrist pin
  • 2.100in journal
  • 3.630in big-end width
  • Industry-leading mirror finish 


  • Extremely strong
  • Lightweight billet
  • Perfect for boosted/nitrous/extreme NA  
  • Clears factory blocks with 3.622in stroke  
  • Clears aftermarket blocks
  • Custom rod dimensions available 

For more information on shelf-stock LS rods, or to inquire about custom rods, please call MGP directly at 719-219-3107. 


Written by Evan Perkins

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