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Diamond Introduces 2,000HP-Capable LS Race Series Pistons. The Most Powerful Shelf-Stock Pistons Ever!

November 2, 2017 / by Evan Perkins

Diamond's LS Race Series Pistons are the strongest shelf-stock pistons on the market, supporting a massive 2,000 horsepower. 

As the horsepower output of modern engines continues to spiral upwards, Diamond Pistons stands at the ready with the 2,000hp-capable LS Race Series pistons–an industry first in terms of horsepower capacity in a shelf-stock part. Having a stocking part of this capacity tremendously reduces the lead time for high-power LS street and race applications, which previously required a custom piston.

The fully strutted, forged, 2618 design features a reinforced crown and ring lands to maximize strength, 3D crown milling for exacting precison, and includes moly-coated-skirts to reduce friction. Born out of a two-year development program with a top, LS drag-race team, these pistons are ready to handle serious abuse out of the box, with no additional prep-work needed.  

002diamond-2000-hp-ls-piston.jpg Features

  • Fully strutted forging.
  • Lateral gas ports.
  • 3D-finished crown, top and bottom to maximize precision and weight.
  • Valve pocket styles accommodate 15-degree and 12-degree aftermarket and OEM cylinder heads.
  • H-13, tool-steel, Trend Wrist pins.
  • Total Seal AP Stainless top ring, Napier-style second ring.
  • .230in-thick piston crown.280 top ring land for ultimate strength and stability.
See Diamond's full catalogue of pistons here.


  • 2,000 horsepower capable
  • Ready to install, with no finish work needed
  • Pistons in-stock and ready to ship cuts down lead time from customs
  • Valve pocket styles accommodate 15-degree and 12-degree aftermarket and OEM cylinder heads.
  • Tested and validated in extreme racing conditions. 


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Written by Evan Perkins

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