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Inside Team Carbinite's Streamliner and the Quest for a 400+mph Record

The call of the salt is strong, and team Carbinite has heard it for some time now. This year, they brought their innovative streamliner to Bonneville to chase a 400mph record and beat the wind. 


How To Check Piston To Wall Clearance

Checking piston-to-wall clearance is a critical measurement every engine build should include. Here is a detailed walk through of how to measure your piston-to-wall-clearance.


How to Install Spirolox

Most engine builders have a love/hate relationship with Spirolox. However, with a few tricks, they install easily. Here's how to do it. 


Icing on the Cake: Exploring Diamond's Menu of Performance-Boosting Piston Coatings

Diamond has a host of piston coatings to take your slugs to the next level. Heat resistance, lubricity, hardness, and even dry-start protection are all on the table. Take a walk through Diamond's available coatings and learn how they each work. 


When To Upgrade Wrist Pins

The toughest piston in the world is useless if the wrist pin gives up the ghost. Here is a breakdown of what the wrist pin does, why they fail, and when to upgrade them to improve the strength of your engine combination.


Sneak Peek: The Engine Jon Kaase Is Bringing to Engine Masters 2018

Jon Kaase is known for wacky, wild, and always-powerful builds. He's been a dominant force at the annual Engine Masters competition and this year, he's coming back, loaded for bear. 


A Closer Look at Diamond’s Available Piston Upgrades

Think of a forged piston like a blank canvas. It's sturdy and well crafted, but awaiting customized features that make it ideal for your engine. Here is a run-through of Diamond's popular piston upgrades to take your set of slugs to the next..


Sassy Racing Engines: An Institution of Supercharged, Hemi-Powered Performance

It all started in the '60s and now, Sassy Racing engines is a supercharged, Hemi powerhouse building high-power engines for both drag racing and pulling competition across the country!


Inside Street Outlaw's Star, Jerry “Monza” Johnston's 1972 Camaro

From his trademark Chevy Monza to his new second-gen Camaro, and from nitrous oxide to twin turbos, Jerry Johnston isn't afraid to shake things up in search of an edge on the competition. We caught up with the reality TV personality and here's..


Racer Spotlight: Scotty Guadagno

Would-be racers often dream of making a vocation from their hobby; for Scotty Guadagno, the track and the shop have been the only life he's ever known. Starting as a teenager, he's made racing his profession and his pastime, finding that success..

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