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Diamond Introduces New Pistons For GM L83 and Nissan VQ Engines at PRI

December 13, 2017 / by Evan Perkins

New for the 2017 PRI show, Diamond will be offering both GM Gen V L83 and Nissan VQ-series forged pistons.  

At the 2017 PRI Show, Diamond Pistons unveiled their new GM Gen V L83 pistons, which fit late-model (LT-based) truck applications, and  a forged piston to accommodate high-horsepower Nissan VQ37VHR  and VQ35DE engines.

GM Gen V L83 pistons

001.jpgFeatures and Benefits
  • Offered in bore sizes 3.780in-3.800in
  • Accommodate 3.622in and 4.00in strokes
  • 3D Milling on piston crowns
  • Offset pins for quiet operation
  • Lateral ports for better ring seal
  • .250in of material above top ring
  • Premium 1.00/1.2mm/2.8mm ring pack
  • Premium 8620 wrist pins included
  • 2618 material for high horsepower and power-adder applications

Designed to accommodate factory-style direct injection applications, the L83 pistons feature a specialized direct injection crown, and are available in a multitude of compression heights to accommodate longer stroker crankshafts. They are machined from forged, 2618 aluminum and are designed for nitrous, boost, and extremely high-horsepower application.

VQ35DE and VQ37DE


Features and Benefits

  • 3D Milling on piston crowns
  • Offset pins for quiet operation
  • Moly Skirt coating
  • Premium 1.2mm/1.5mm/3.00 ring package included
  • Oversized valve pockets

The new, VQ35DE and VQ37DE pistons provide support to Nissan and Infinity owners wanting to get the most from their G- and Z-series cars. They are designed for high horsepower engines and are more than up to the rigors of racing abuse. The pistons feature 3D milling on the crowns and are engineered with oversize valve pockets for additional piston-to-valve clearance with high-lift camshafts.  

 See all of Diamond's products HERE

LS2K Piston



  • Fully strutted forging
  • Lateral gas ports
  • 3D-finished crown, top and bottom to maximize precision and weight
  • Valve pocket styles accommodate 15-degree and 12-degree aftermarket and OEM cylinder heads
  • H-13, tool-steel, Trend Wrist pins
  • Total Seal AP Stainless top ring, Napier-style second ring
  • .230in-thick piston crown.280 top ring land for ultimate strength and stability

Originally released at the 2017 SEMA show, also on display was Diamond’s LS2k piston. This, dedicated forging accommodates all big-bore LS applications and is a bona fide off-the-shelf, 2,000hp capable piston. Read more about all of the LS2K applications here.

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Written by Evan Perkins

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