Diamond Racers Set 5 Records, Dominate at Sweet 16!

April 8, 2019 / by Evan Perkins

Diamond racers were on fire at the Duck X Productions Sweet 16 race at South Georgia Motorsports park (SGMP). So many records were set at the epic race and Diamond-powered drivers caught an astounding five of them! 

Marty StinnetMarty Stinnett – Radial vs. the World SB Record 3.651 @ 205.98mph

Terry Parks

Dustin/Terry Parks– Leaf Spring Record 4.04 @ 184mph

Jeff Sitton

Jeff Sitton, PJS Racing – Radial vs the World Roots Blower Record 3.624 @ 205.01

Bruder Bros

Bruder Brothers – X275 World Record  4.268@163.29!

Ryan Miliken

Ryan Milliken– X275/World's quickest and fastest Diesel Record: 4.28sec @ 170mph

Written by Evan Perkins

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